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You never heard of Erotic Hypnosis? Most of the erotic sensations we feel are regulated by the mind. You have achieved erections by simply thinking an erotic thought, and you have had wet dreams without consciously creating the orgasm. Erections and orgasms are triggered by the brain, and that's why I am able to make guys have orgasms without any physical stimulation. Hypnosis is powerful way to immerse in "headspace!"

We use hypnosis to remove inhibitions and enlighten guys to new ways of exploring erotic pleasures. They are unable to stop their bodies from moving when I say the trigger. I can pose them like a statue when I freeze them or transform them into a mannequin. I can snap my fingers and make them strip, even enjoy the smell of my feet. Watch the induction as I mesmerize the subject, then give him a cum-spewing orgasm without any physical stimulation! Sometimes the subject finds himself regressed to a baby and wearing a diaper (ABDL folks love this!). Other times hypno sex involves submitting to a Master.

Decide for yourself if hypnosis is "mind control" when you see guys responding to my post hypnotic triggers. How far will they go when their inhibitions are removed?

My erotic hypnosis videos are a great way explore your fantasies. Each DVD contains different subjects and different scenes, including tickling, transformations, stripping, puppy play, humiliation, loss of control, being babyfied, frozen, and cum shots.

My M2M hypnosis porn videos are humorous, erotic, unique, and unusual - not your typical gay porn! Watch REAL hypnosis with REAL guys (not models faking a trance). The big porn houses would not dare do what I do -- trancing subjects without any prior hypnosis experience; no scripts; no idea how the session will turn out!

As an independent film maker,

HypnoSubmission.com is your source for X-Rated gay hypnosis videos!

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